It’s time for the next generation of customer communications. It’s time to scale the conversation.

Personalized customer communications across the entire lifecycle.

SmartCOMMTM helps enterprises deliver personalized, interactive communications via customers' preferred channels—and does so at tremendous scale. Designed for the business user, SmartCOMM helps to simplify and standardize processes leading to improved internal efficiency and increasing ROI.

Helping Indiana Farm Bureau Scale the Conversation

Indiana Farm Bureau, one of the largest writers of farm insurance and the second-largest writer of personal lines of insurance in their region, uses SmartCOMM to enable its customers to have conversations on their own terms.



Increase customer satisfaction with communications that are highly-personal, on-brand and contextually relevant, delivered to the channels preferred by your customers.

Simplify the complexity of building, maintaining and delivering your critical business and customer communications.

Give your communications designers the tools to improve agility, responsiveness, and time-to-market for new products and services.

Turn static, one-way communications into engaging, two-way customer conversations, significantly enhancing the customer experience.

Deliver interactive communications to any channel, from traditional print-based communications to web, email, SMS, mobile and voice assistants.

Meet one-time, on-demand communications and interactive scenarios while generating large batch communications to fulfill peak processing needs.

Connect and leverage your pre-existing content repositories and data from systems of record to ensure the relevance and accuracy of communications.

Deploy advanced customer communications capabilities using Pure Cloud multi-tenant SaaS or as a hybrid-cloud solution to lower TCO and meet business needs.

Whether full or hybrid-cloud, SmartCOMM provides the leading CCM capabilities backed by the most rigorous certifications for data privacy.

All documentation can be created from pre-approved templates, expediting the drafting process. SmartCOMM intelligently highlights changes and edits in a document, allowing rapid review and instant online approval.

When there’s too much to say, and every message matters.

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