Smart Communications – Upcoming SC22 Product Release

Smart Communications has a long history of delivering innovative market solutions designed to make customer conversations smarter. Our latest release, SC22, goes live on July 26th, 2020 and includes new capabilities that improve the user experience, simplify the migration from legacy communications systems, introduce time-saving enhancements and provide new capabilities across the platform to help you better serve your customers and internal users.

The go-live date of SC22 will be slightly later than originally planned. We’ve made this decision in light of the COVID-19 global pandemic which has forced businesses to adjust in extraordinary ways. At Smart Communications, we have taken a number of steps to ensure that we are supporting our customers in the best way possible as you and your teams navigate these unchartered waters.

We understand that regardless of how easy we make upgrades to our platform, any change can be unnerving, and can cause additional work and processes to change at a time when your focus must be elsewhere. We know your commitment during this time is to your employees, your partners, and to your customers, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

The capabilities that are made available as part of the SC22 release are already available to you via access to a preview tenancy. We are now extending the preview period until the general availability date of July 26th, 2020 to ensure you have the added time you need to plan for this update. If you’re interested in gaining access to a preview tenancy, please contact our support team.

What to Expect in SC22

  • General Availability of Migration Studio
  • New Styleset Editor with support for Editions
  • New Project Dashboard with improved usability
  • New capability in Template Editor to merge fragments and delete multiple fragments
  • Support for Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge browser
  • Improved style preview in Template Editor when using Editions
  • And more………

Learn What’s Coming

Our team is committed to providing a wide range of educational material to ensure that Smart Communications customers and users across all industries can clearly understand and fully benefit from the capabilities included with each release. Specifically, for every milestone release we provide:

  • Release Notes: A comprehensive overview on every upgrade that we’ve made as part of the release. The release notes are made available on product-specific release pages on the Customer Community. Access the SC22 release page here.
  • What’s New Guide: An easy-to-consume overview of the key enhancements included as part of the release. This guide is an important tool for main business users and is also appropriate for sharing with other stakeholders within the organization. The guide is also made available on product-specific release pages on the Customer Community. Read the SC22 What’s New Guide here.
  • Release Webinars: We run a release webinar during the preview period. During this session, our product management team offers an in-depth overview of the new capabilities, key benefits, tips and best practices. We’ll plan on holding the webinar in June. Look out for details on how to register in the coming months.
  • Web-based Training: Via the Smart Communications Learning Academy, a ‘What’s New’ course is made available for every release and is designed to outline the new capabilities and share examples of how best to take advantage of these new features.

Get In On The Action Early

As part of every major release, Smart Communications makes new capabilities available as part of a preview period for Co-Lo deployments. This provides our customers the ability to “road test” new features before the release date. The preview period typically begins six weeks prior to the release date and interested customers can request access to a preview tenancy by contacting our support team. The SC22 preview period began on March 23rd, 2020 and extends through to the release date of July 26th, 2020.

Put It to Use

Our releases are designed to simplify your internal business processes and make it easier for your organization to create and deliver engaging communications and engagements with customers. This is our commitment to you!

Share Your Feedback

Do you have a favorite new feature? Do you have a recommendation for how we can enhance an existing capability even further? Do you have a specific challenge that Smart Communications can help you solve? Is there something particularly innovative that you would like to see on our long-term roadmap? Let us know. You can share your ideas with us through a variety of channels, including engaging with your Customer Service Representative or Support Team.