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A Scalable Approach to Claims Correspondence for Insurance

By Thought Leadership

Ruth Fisk, VP Insurance Marketing at Smart Communications

In this post and infographic, we provide insurers with one view of all of the unique customer interactions that span across the entire claims process. We also highlight how a modern customer communications platform, like the Smart Communications Conversation Cloud enables insurers to seamlessly work throughout the claims process – key to digital transformation in the insurance industry and much more efficient than maintaining several disparate technology systems.

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The New Rules of Digital Transformation Strategy

By Thought Leadership

Neil Greathead, Chief Customer Officer at Smart Communications

In this post, we share exclusive insights into the new rules of digital transformation strategy, with help from Leroy McCarty, VP of Operations at Forrest T. Jones & Company, a leading Smart Communications customer. Forrest T. Jones leverages both SmartCOMM and SmartIQ as the foundation for its organization-wide digital modernization journey – exceeding customer expectations at every step of their journey.

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